BREAKING NEWS: Somalia bans direct flights to Kismayu from Kenya


Somalia has ordered all aircraft originating from Kenya to land in Mogadishu as the diplomatic row over boundary between the neighbours escalate.

Mogadishu will vet all goods and people entering the war-torn country.

“International and local flights from and to Kisimayu must route via Mogadishu,” the government’s aviation bulletin said.


Previously, the aircraft were allowed to land in Kismayu, Mogadishu and Garbaharey airports on top of tens of airstrips across the country.

“They are technically punishing the traders who travel to Kismayu, the economic hub of Somalia. Since, if you live Nairobi you have to go through Mogadishu to access Kismayu. From Kismayu, you will have to travel to Mogadishu, Wajir and then back to Nairobi,”


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